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Friday, August 26, 2016 - 1:34pm

Inspiring KEVA Towers

Sometimes, a Scientists and Innovators in the Schools visit does more than just show kids some cool science concepts. Sometimes it actually reveals something amazing about kids' potential for cooperation and imagination.

Every one on Team Science World has a story. Here's one from one of our outreach program coordinators, Friderike Moon:

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I would like a play space or

I would like a play space or learning session what focused on push and pull forces and pulleys and kid friendly weight springs ( the principles of force and motion ( part of our new curriculum for Kindergarten.

Hi Pamela, Thanks for your

Hi Pamela, Thanks for your comment. For your Kindergartners, there are over-sized pulleys and levers in Eureka. We also have a school workshop called “Roller Coaster”, which addresses force, gravity, and friction. Roller Coaster is available in French and English. Hope that helps! You can find that and more school offerings/resources in our educators section (under the LEARN menu heading).

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