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Wednesday, July 4, 2018 - 5:18pm

SWEET: Carnivalogy

On June 29, over 260 visitors came to see Science World transform into a carnival for our free teen event, SWEET: Carnivalogy! Check out our Flikr for photos from the night! 

Circus performers from CircusWest showed off their talent as visitors played games, won ballots, ate cotton candy and explored all of our galleries, including our feature exhibition, The Science Behind Pixar

The Teen Advisory Group developed and led ten different carnival games, including Ball Toss, Fortune Telling, Will it Float?, Chair of Nails, Play a Theremin and Clown Car Races, giving our guests a chance to win over 20 incredible prizes!

The science sideshow was a highlight of the night. With flavour changing Miracle Berry Pills (contains the taste modifying protein, Miraculin) visitors drank vinegar like juice and ate lemons and onions like apples for a not-so-bad-but-still-not-great snack. A Van de Graaff Generator ‘Chain of Pain’ also gave six visitors a sharp 100,000 Volt shock, while a Tesla Coil lit up a fluorescent tube, wirelessly. And in Science World fashion, the show ended with a bang, as Eugene (in the silver outfit), sledgehammer smashed a cement block on the chest of his co-host Parker, while he laid on a bed of nails. (!!!!)

Overall, the event was an incredible success and we're so excited for the next SWEET!

To learn about more events like this, be sure to follow the Teen Advisory Group on Twitter and Facebook @TAGTeamSW. We hope to see you at our next SWEET event on September 21!

PS. The Teen Advisory Group is looking for new members! If you're a highschool student, send in your application here.

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