Science World Class Field Trip Bursary

In the 2016/17 school year, 4,897 students visited Science World through a Class Field Trip Bursary. Thanks to support from Science World’s Science of Cocktails, we are thrilled to offer bursaries for underserved schools to support their class field trips in the 2017/18 school year.

Who is eligible for a Class Field Trip Bursary?

  • BC ministry-funded classes in grades K-12.
  • Classes must clearly demonstrate need for financial assistance.
  • Classes must describe how learning will be extended beyond the field trip, and how it is connected to school or district goals and/or community resources.

What is the Class Field Trip Bursary for?

Bursaries subsidize 50-100% of general admission, and school bus fees for 1-2 classes per request. The balance of the fees must be provided by the school.

The school bus portion of the bursary will be confirmed following a conversation about transportation requirements.

Science World class field trip bursaries do not fund overnight trips or the cost of parking.

Note change for 2017/18: The field trip bursary will not be applied to school programs, OMNIMAX film, and exhibition charges. 

When are bursaries approved?  

Applications will be processed on a rolling deadline with priority given to field trips planned for Fall 2017. Applicants will be contacted within the month following their application to be notified if they are successful. There may not be enough funds to support all requests; applications will remain open and on a waiting list until all funds are disbursed.

For the 2017/18 school year the application period will close at the end of December 2017 to ensure sufficient time for field trip planning. 

What do I need to do after my bursary is approved?

Classes awarded a bursary should book their field trip through our website and reserve their transportation. Classes awarded a bursary will be asked to complete an evaluation form during the week following their field trip, and may be asked for additional feedback specific to the bursary.

The balance due and method of payment will be determined and confirmed with the contact teacher prior to completing class booking.


APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. We expect to open applications for the 2018/19 school year in September 2018. 

For more information contact [email protected]


Bursary Feedback

"For some students this will be the first time experiencing the wonders of Science World. We believe it is important for students to take their learning outside the classroom and to make new discoveries around their community."

"This field trip will be an unforgettable learning experience for our students. Our students are excited at the prospect of being able to engage in the interactive displays, feature exhibitions and live science demonstrations that are not available in the context of the school classroom. As we are an inner-city school, many of our students may not have the opportunity to attend such an enriching educational experience outside of school."


Thank you

Field Trip access for underserved schools would not be possible without the generous support of:

Teekay Shipping
Wells Fargo
Proceeds from Science of Cocktails