Jedi Sunday with Academie Duello and Jeff Wolverton

Child duel

Join us for Jedi Sunday as we explore the Science of Swordplay (both classical and Jedi) with Vancouver's school of swordplay, Academie Duello at 2:20pm on Centre Stage. Then visit the Science Theatre at 4pm to learn how amazing special effects are created in films like Doctor Strange, Thor:Ragnarok and the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi, with visual effects artist Jeff Wolverton.

Sunday, December 10
Centre Stage


Science Theatre

About Academie Duello

A centre for European swordplay and Western martial arts, Academie Duello has revived this art of the medieval period and has turned it into an in-depth curriculum, which today provides both adult and children's programs. Most of those programs help students stay fit, as they replace weights and treadmills with longswords, shields, and rapiers.