Our Mission

In January of 2017, we embarked on strategic planning aimed at answering a single, overarching question: Over the next generation, what pressing social role should Science World serve for our community?

We reached out to our staff, volunteers, board, and numerous community stakeholders. We facilitated listening sessions with groups and conducted one-on-one interviews. To date, over 1,400 individuals from across British Columbia have answered the call and generously offered their input.

Through this intensive consultation process, a strong consensus has emerged around several themes. Among them, equity, ecological sustainability, community collaboration, and a focus on the future. Many have argued that Science World should address pressing issues at the intersection of science and society—in particular the growing need to scale education in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).



Through science and nature, we ignite wonder and empower dreams.


Within a generation, Canada will be a country of thriving, sustainable communities rooted in scientific literacy, technological innovation, and a deep connection to nature.



We are passionately curious. We explore the unknown and try new things.
We love to learn, and to spark wonder and curiosity in others.
We seek to deepen our understanding through diverse perspectives.
We know that the path to understanding involves learning from our mistakes.


Play is FUNdamental to our work and our approach to life.
We wonder, we imagine, we create, we tinker, and we go on incredible adventures.
We don’t take ourselves too seriously.
Yet we know that play is serious stuff, often the fertile ground of learning.


We are a positive, accessible, and culturally safe place.
We invite all members of our community to enjoy shared experiences. Everybody is welcome.
We know that new ways of thinking come from diverse ways of seeing things.
We seek to meet people where they are, to understand their unique perspectives.


We know that our audiences define our relevance, so we listen to understand their needs.
We seek to match our programs and experiences to our audiences’ needs and aspirations.
We aim to create impactful and meaningful experiences for our audiences.
We place our community at the centre of our daily thinking.


We believe that achieving the biggest goals requires deep collaboration.
We strive to collaborate internally with one another, and externally with our community.
We know that when we combine our strengths, we can achieve extraordinary things.
Great ideas often come from unexpected places, so we welcome a diversity of voices.