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On The Road at Your School

The On The Road program is run by Science World’s fantastic touring science team. It uses fun, inquiry-based demonstrations to engage British Columbians in science, to spark curiosity and stimulate learning.

In September 2015, Science World re-launched On The Road, after a three-year hiatus. The program operated from 2005 to 2012 with support from the Provincial Government and donors, but had to be discontinued due to lack of financial support. In its first seven years under Provincial Government funding, the On The Road program reached more than 1.3 million British Columbians, including more than one million students in schools K–12. The On the Road team made more than 1,000 visits to communities large and small across BC.

This year, in order to get back out on the road, Science World chose to redirect funds internally, so that we could return to communities around British Columbia, if only in a modest way, to pique science curiosity, boost science literacy, and inspire future science and technology leaders.


At your school:

Science World On The Road visits over 30,000 students each year at schools outside the Lower Mainland who might not otherwise have a chance to visit Science World at TELUS World of Science. Our high energy gymnasium presentations are curriculum linked and provide an unforgettable science experience for your students.​

How2Science: Discover and practice the ways scientists observe, predict and test, with demonstrations that will have audience members spinning on platforms, launching rockets and riding hovercrafts. Recommended for grades K–3.

Earth, Wind & Science: Explore the incredible weather events that occur within our atmosphere, with demonstrations such as the shocking Van de Graaff Generator, the mind-boggling Cloud In A Bottle and the spectacular Fire Tornado. Recommended for grades 4–7.

Fantastic Forces: Experience push, pull, lift and drag—four fantastic forces that affect our lives every day. See amazing demonstrations like the Rubber Chicken Slingshot, the Giant Tablecloth Pull, and the Poof Ball Cannon. Recommended for grades K–7.

Thank you to our donors

On The Road would not be possible without the generous support of:

Our Presenting Partner in Oliver, Osoyoos, Penticton, Terrace, Smithers, Dawson Creek, and Fort St. John, British Columbia:

Our Presenting Partner in Hope and Prince George, British Columbia:

NSERC—Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
We also acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia.

Contact us

For more information or to book a Science World outreach offering, contact us:

1.800.363.1611 (toll free)
[email protected]