Past Exhibitions

Math Moves! uses hands-on activities to make experimenting with mathematical concepts memorable and fun.
Celebrate Canadian creativity and innovation, with Science World’s original exhibition - where you drive the creative process!
Innovation Festival

Science World and Innovation150 are organizing a city-wide celebration, January 19 to February 3.


The first-ever travelling show on quantum information, science and tech. January 19–February 26

Zoom Into Nano
Explore the world of nanoscience—a world that is too small to see with the naked eye. Nanoscience and engineering explore methods of manipulating materials on the molecular scale to create very, very small structures and devices.
May 7–September 5, 2016: Jump into the role of a secret agent and discover the science behind high-tech espionage as you uncover facts, investigate leads and track down enemy agents.

January 23–April 26, 2016: Explore the science and technology that made Felix Baumgartner’s 39,000-metre, record-breaking free-fall jump possible.

October 3, 2015—March 28, 2016: BODY WORLDS creator and anatomist, Dr Gunther von Hagens takes you on an anatomical safari with ANIMAL INSIDE OUT. As you explore this captivating exhibition, you will experience the intricate biology, zoology and physiology of a variety of the world’s most spectacular creatures.
May 30–September 7, 2015: Meet T. Rex’s bigger, badder cousin in an exhibition that highlights the unique dinosaurs of the Southern Hemisphere.
Science World Animation

February 7–April 26, 2014: Explore how art, math, science and technology come together in the exciting world of animation. Explore the process of animation from concept to finished product—from storyboarding, character design and drawing techniques to movement, timing, filming and sound.

LIGHT: Illuminating Science & Art

October 11, 2014–January 4, 2015: Explore a fusion of art installations and technological creations and experience light as you’ve never seen it before.​

Science World feature exhibition, Science of Sports

May 31, 2014–September 1, 2014: Step into the shoes of an athlete and test your skills in challenges from all across the wide world of sports. Discover what it takes to be a pro and how health, fitness and technology can make you stronger, swifter and smarter.

February 1–May 6, 2014: Create extraordinary vehicles to get where you want to go by travelling over land, sea and air in this transportation-inspired exhibition. Build with LEGO® bricks and explore some amazing pre-made creations. Where will you go?

October 12, 2013–January 5, 2014: Come and explore the technology, creativity and craft behind modern pop songs in this new, original exhibition that offers unique, fun and inspirational experiences around the writing, recording and performing of music.

May 18–September 2, 2013. Discover human connections: the expressions and passions of young attraction.
February 1–September 2, 2013. Looking at a simple teapot, Steve Gerberich sees a face, ready for the addition of eyes made of nuts and bolts. By pushing buttons and turning cranks, Gerberich invites audiences to set his works in motion.