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    What's on today

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Experience Nikon's Small World art display, a leading showcase for photomicrographers from the widest array of scientific disciplines.

On display now.

Expanding Universe uses visual imagery and augmented reality technology to explore various facets and theories of space and matter through artistic reflection.

On display now.

Till and McCulloch

Drs James Till and Ernest McCulloch were two Canadian scientists who pioneered the field of stem cell research with the discovery of a method to detect cells able to restore blood production in transplanted irradiated mice. This finding prompted the later identification of cells able to regenerate other tissues, including skin, muscle and brain. This has led to advances in research and treatment of cancer.


Building Closures

​Please note we will be closed on Mondays until mid-March. We will be open on Mondays beginning March 18, 2019.

Science World will close at 1pm on Feb 7 for Science of Cocktails 2019.

Science Park Notice

The Ken Spencer Science Park is now closed for the season. Please check out our daily schedule for sneak peeks and special programming throughout the winter.

Attention Parents and Guardians!

Please be advised that visitors under 13 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.


The OMNIMAX® Theatre can be chilly at times. Please consider bringing an extra sweater if you plan on watching a movie.

Please note the 12pm and 1pm OMNIMAX® films will still be playing on Feb 7, 2019.

Eureka! Notice

Dark Eureka will close at 3pm on Tuesday, January 15 for a private event. Light Eureka will remain open.