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Vinegar Batteries

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1 hr.

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  • Electricity
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My first reply is - test it!

My first reply is - test it! One way to find out is to use a voltmeter to determine the voltage produced by the vinegar reaction. An LED requires a lot less voltage to light up than an incandescent bulb. If you can, play around with multiple sets of materials (create series and parallel circuits) and a voltmeter to determine whether you can produce enough voltage to light the bulb up.

How much voltage does 1 cup

How much voltage does 1 cup of vinegar usually consists? Is there any way to increase the voltage? How does it vary?

That's an interesting

That's an interesting question, Nikki, and one that I would probably try out with a few safe experiments that would add ions to the solution. You could try adding salt, or hydrogen peroxide to the vinegar, and then see what the voltmeter reads, and look for any other signs of the reaction happening more quickly.

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