What’s the TAG team?

The TAG Team is Science World's Teen Advisory Group. It organizes SWEET (Science World Extravagant Evening for Teens) events for teens at TELUS World of Science. These events take place every other month on a Friday and they are planned and run by the TAG Team. Each month, the group meets with Science World's Manager of Teen Programs to come up with cool event themes, fun programs and activities that teens are actually interested in. They even help to promote the events by creating print promotions and using social media.

Who’s on the TAG team?

Brilliant, curious and inspired teenagers! This year’s TAG team is composed of eight teens from Lower Mainland high schools. Most of our members have liked their role on the team so much that they have been on the team for more than a year. However, a few of our wonderful members are heading off to post-secondary institutions next fall, so we are looking to recruit!

Why join TAG?

Because science needs teens! Science World wants to know what sparks the scientific imaginations of young people and we think teens know best when it comes to creating topics of interest in science and technology, for other teens. According to TAG member, Chris, teens should join TAG because “it's a good volunteer experience and one of the few for which you don't have to miss school.” He also thinks it's a good way to try out something new. “If you join, my tip would be to step outside your comfort zone—take more responsibilities and be visible with your ideas/discussions.”

How does the TAG experience help teens develop both personally and professionally?

Through TAG, teens have the opportunity to develop organizational and public speaking skills through their involvement in planning and delivering SWEET events. On event day, it's all hands on deck and each TAG member has a specific role. Whether it’s helping to direct customers, leading a workshop or organizing a performer, each person has the opportunity to learn and to bring their own unique skill set to the team.

For Rosa, her experience on the TAG team has furthered her skills in “cooperation, negotiation, leadership, commitment, respect and patience.” She believes that “the nature and idea behind the team is inspiring and ingenious.”

Kyle, a member of TAG since its inception, has also “gained many valuable skills from being part of the TAG team, including graphic design (from all the poster making), cooperation and organization.”

For upcoming SWEET events at TELUS World of Science, check out the Teen Events page.

Want to join the TAG team in planning exhilharating, teen-only events at Science World? Check back in June 2018 for postings!