KPU Lecture Series: Glaciers and Climate Change


Glaciers are sensitive indicators of climate change, and their study reveals important information on past environmental change in alpine regions, which, in turn, may help us predict future effects of climate warming. Alpine environments around the world have changed dramatically over the last century. The most obvious changes have been to glaciers; in many areas glacier cover is less than 60% of what it was 300 years ago. Many glaciers may even vanish within the next several decades if current trends continue. Evidence from around the world shows that glaciers have advanced and retreated repeatedly during the last 10,000 years. However, the large and rapid recession of most glaciers in just over one century is unprecedented. As glaciers recede and, in some cases, disappear, stream flow will decrease, affecting fish populations, water supply, power generation, irrigation and tourism.

Join us for a special presentation by Johannes Koch,

January 23, 2018

6pm Hands-on activities and science demonstrations

7pm Presentation starts 

Tickets to this presentation are free, but seating is limited. 

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